Job for Law Graduate Fresher: 8 Types of Jobs

No matter what course a candidate is doing or what course he is interested in doing, he always needs to know what kind of job he can do after completing the course or what kind of jobs he can get.

If you are thinking of doing law or you are a graduate, then, in general, you would want to know what are the Job for Law Graduate Fresher, if yes, then read this article completely because in this article we will tell you about this. Will give complete information about the subject.

Job for Law Graduate Fresher

If you are doing law or have already done law, then it is normal that you would want to know what are the Jobs for Law Graduate Freshers. If yes, then let us tell you that law is a professional course and after doing it, you can do many great jokes in which you also get a very good salary. If you have done law and you want to know about the jobs or opportunities that a person can get after graduation, they are as follows:

1. Law Officer

Law Officer is one of the best professions available for any law graduate! The job of a law officer is to regulate all types of legal aspects in his organization. In simple words, the main job of a law officer is to protect any organization from any kind of legal trouble. Not only big organizations but also medium and small organizations have law officers at present so that they stay out of legal trouble.

2. Junior Lawyer

Many law graduates start their careers as junior lawyers to gain experience and skills to become an advocate. Junior lawyers mainly work under advocates so that they get training and gain skills to become an advocate themselves. At present, junior lawyers also get good salaries according to their work. In such a situation, if you are a law graduate then you can also start your career as a junior lawyer.

3. Advocate

Most law graduates dream of becoming an advocate. If you are doing graduation in law or are thinking of doing it, then you too must have thought about becoming an advocate at some point in time. Advocates are generally legal representatives of a company, person, or client who manage their legal matters and problems. Becoming an advocate is one of the best career options for a law graduate.

4. Private Practice

If you do not understand the meaning of private practice, then let us tell you that these are those private lawyers who work for an organization or firm. Such lawyers stay in the personal space or office of the organization and manage their day-to-day legal activities along with other legal matters and keep them safe from legal troubles. Such lawyers also get very good salaries, due to which many law graduates go towards private practice.

5. Corporate Lawyer

As the name suggests, there are corporate lawyers who work for corporates. Corporate lawyers are mainly experts in corporate law and are responsible for maintaining the company’s transactions as per corporate law. Corporate lawyers are both freelance and fixed when they work for a corporate and both types of lawyers get a very good pay scale. This is why many people aspire to become graduate corporate lawyers.

6. Judicial services

Judicial Services is one of the best career options for any graduate. Many students go towards Judicial Services after graduation from Law because the pay scale is very good and they also get high authority. To join judicial services, law graduate students have to pass examinations related to judicial services. If students pass the examinations related to judicial services then they can go into judicial services.

7. Journalism

Journalism is one of the fields in which law graduate students are most preferred. Many Chaitra go into the field of journalism after graduating from law. You will be surprised to know that many big journalists and popular people working in the field of journalism have a law background. In such a situation, if you have graduated from law, then you can make your career in the field of journalism, in which generally the pay scale is also quite good.

8. Academics

Successful people from any field can make their career in the academics of that field. If you graduate in law and you not only understand law well but can also explain it to other people, then you can teach law in the field of law teaching.

Many students are interested in studying law and you can monetize this interest of students by going into the field of law academics, that is, you can earn money by teaching law to them.


Every year in India, lakhs of students graduate from various courses and start their careers in various fields. Law is one of the fields in which most students study.

If you are doing or want to graduate from law, then it is a common thing that you need to know what are the Jobs for Law Graduate Freshers. This is the reason why we have written this article in which we have given complete information about this subject in easy language.

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