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AIBE Preparation: AIBE Study Material

The All India Bar Examination (AIBE) is a crucial step in becoming a practising advocate or lawyer in India. To prepare effectively for the AIBE examination, one must have access to high-quality study materials. In this guide, we will learn the importance of AIBE study material and other recommendations on choosing the best resources.

AIBE Preparation: AIBE 18 Exam Syllabus


Constitutional Law (Constitution of India)

10 Marks


Indian Penal Code 1860

8 Marks


Criminal Procedure Code

10 Marks


Code of Civil Procedure

10 Marks


Evidence Act 1872

8 Marks



4 Marks


Family Law (Both Hindu & Muslim)

8 Marks


Public Interest Litigation (PIL)

4 Marks


Administrative Law Book

3 Marks


Professional Ethics & Cases of Professional Misconduct under Bar Council of India rules

4 Marks


Company Law

2 Marks


Environmental Laws

2 Marks


Cyber Law (IT Act)

2 Marks


Labour Laws and Industrial Laws

4 Marks


Law of Torts, Motor Vehicle Act and Consumer Protection Law

5 Marks


Taxation related Laws

4 Marks


Contract Act, Specific Relief Act, Property Laws, N.I Act

8 Marks


Land Acquisition Act

2 Marks


Intellectual Property Laws (IPR)

2 Marks


Total Marks (Passing Marks is 45%)


AIBE Study Material Pdf:

If you want to crack AIBE 18 exam in your first attempt then you must learn some tips and a proper strategy according to the AIBE study material you have.

I am not gonna say you to learn all those 25+ bare acts and then appear in the exam. As we know it’s an open-book exam so with the help of proper AIBE study material and Aibe preparation it becomes easy to secure passing marks in the Aibe examination.

What I suggest you to go through:

  1. Revise Bare Acts Indexes
  2. Give extra effort to these five subjects: The Constitution of India, the Indian Penal Code, the Criminal Procedure Code, the Civil Procedure Code, Family laws, and the Evidence Act.
  3. The above-suggested 6 subjects cover approximately 50% of the syllabus.
  4. Practice at least the last 5 AIBE examination question papers and solve them.
  5. Prepare at least 100 Landmark cases list so that you will be able to solve the questions based on case laws.
    You can’t find case laws in your bare acts.

Important! You are allowed to carry bare acts without short notes only.

How to Download AIBE Study Material Pdf

I am providing the Last 5 Aibe exam-solved question papers, a 100 Imp Case laws list (80 pages pdf), 2 recorded sessions and as a bonus 1 Live class to interact with the AIBE candidates a few days before the exam.

AIBE study material plays a pivotal role in the preparation process for this significant examination. By choosing the right resources, setting clear goals, and maintaining a disciplined study routine, candidates can increase their chances of success in the AIBE. Remember, preparation is key, and with the right study material, you are well on your way to achieving your goal of becoming a certified legal professional in India.

The price for this study material is fixed at Rs. 650 only. 

Once you order the Aibe Study Material, you will be provided with Login Password access and after that, you will be able to access the AIBE study material pdf (specially designed for AIBE 18 Exam 2023), Recorded sessions and much more.

AIBE study material plays an important role in the preparation for this significant examination. By choosing the right resources, setting clear goals, and maintaining a disciplined study routine, candidates can increase their chances of clearing AIBE  exam  in first attempt . Preparation is key, and with the right study material, you are well on your way to achieving your goal of becoming an Advocate in India.

Some tips for AIBE Preparation 2023

  1. Set Your study Goals:

    Break down your study plan into manageable sections, focusing on one subject or topic at a time. Establishing clear goals will help you stay organized and motivated.

  2. Make your Practice and Revision regular:

    Consistent practice of mock tests, quizzes, and revision of key concepts is crucial for reinforcing your knowledge and building confidence as the examination date approaches.

  3. Stay Updated with Legal Updates and News:

    Stay updated with legal news, amendments, and recent judgments to ensure that your knowledge is current and aligned with the evolving legal landscape.

  4. Utilize a Multi-Faceted Approach:

    Do not rely solely on one source for your study material. A combination of textbooks, online platforms, and supplementary resources will provide a more comprehensive and well-rounded preparation.

  5. Engage in Discussion Forums and Study Groups on social platforms:

    Participating in discussions with fellow AIBE aspirants can provide different perspectives, insights, and collaborative learning opportunities.

How to Crack AIBE Exam in 1st Attempt?

The AIBE (All India Bar Examination) is a standardized exam for assessing the capability of law graduates to practice law in India. Here’s a guide to help you prepare for the AIBE:

1. Understand the Exam Pattern:

  • Know the structure of the exam, including the number of questions, types of questions, and the marking scheme.

2. Review the Syllabus:

  • Understand the topics and subjects covered in the AIBE syllabus. It typically includes various law subjects such as Constitutional Law, Evidence, Family Law, and more.

3. Collect Study Material:

  • Gather relevant study material, including textbooks, reference books, and online resources that cover the AIBE syllabus comprehensively.

4. Create a Study Plan:

  • Develop a realistic study schedule that covers all the topics over the available preparation time. Allocate more time to challenging subjects and prioritize weak areas.

5. Solve Previous Years’ Papers:

  • Practice with previous years’ question papers to understand the exam pattern, question types, and time management.

6. Stay Updated with Current Affairs:

  • Current affairs are often part of legal exams. Stay updated with recent legal developments, landmark judgments, and relevant news.

7. Focus on Bare Acts:

  • Know the important sections and provisions of key legal acts. Practicing with bare acts can be crucial for the exam.

8. Take Mock Tests:

  • Regularly take mock tests to assess your preparation level and improve time management skills. Analyze your performance to identify weak areas.

9. Legal Reasoning and Aptitude:

  • Practice legal reasoning questions and improve your analytical and logical reasoning skills. This is an essential part of the exam.

10. Revision:

  • Plan for revision sessions to consolidate your learning. Focus on key concepts, cases, and legal provisions.

11. Legal Ethics and Professionalism:

  • Be well-versed with legal ethics, professional standards, and the code of conduct for lawyers.

12. Seek Guidance:

  • If possible, join a coaching institute or seek guidance from experienced legal professionals. They can provide insights into the exam and offer valuable tips.

13. Stay Calm and Healthy:

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle, get adequate sleep, and manage stress. A calm and focused mind is essential for effective preparation.

14. Review and Adjust:

  • Periodically review your study plan and adjust it based on your progress. Be flexible and adapt as needed.

15. Legal Writing Practice:

  • Develop your legal writing skills. Practice answering questions in a clear and concise manner.

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