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PCS J coaching Fees- PCS J Pre Syllabus & Cost

PCS J Exam is one of the biggest judiciary exams conducted in the country at present in which lakhs of students participate. Law graduates who wish to be appointed as members of the subordinate judiciary appear for this examination. This is a competitive exam to prepare for which candidates join coaching. If you are a law student and thinking of joining PCS J Coaching, then read this article completely, because in this article we are going to tell you about ‘PCS J Coaching Fees’.

Everything you need to know about PCS J Exam


PCS J Exam- Provincial Civil Service-Judicial Exam is a door to get into the highly respected Indian judiciary. It is individually arranged by 24 states of India to Hire the officials. Lakhs of law graduate students participate in this exam so that they can be appointed as members of the subordinate judiciary.

Like many other competitive exams, the PCS J exam is also conducted in 2 stages which are Pre and Mains, and only after passing these two stages the candidates are appointed as members of the subordinate judiciary.

PCS J Coaching Fees

pcs j coaching fees

If you are planning to prepare for the PCS J exam, then it is natural that you would want to know about PCS J Coaching Fees. So let us tell you that PCS J coaching is done in both online and offline mediums and there are many options available for both and the fees for both are different. If you want to join PCS J Coaching, then some better options for that are as follows:

APS Judicial Academy, Delhi

One of the best options to prepare for law-related exams is APS Judicial Academy, which provides excellent academic facilities at very low fees. APS Judicial Academy has been giving much better results for many years due to which it is continuously becoming popular. APS Judicial Academy provides both online and offline coaching services.

PCS J Coaching Fees: 13000 (Approx.)

Knowledge Nation Law Centre, Delhi

Knowledge Nation Law Center is currently one of the most popular PCS-J Coaching Institutes located in Delhi. Knowledge Nation Law Center is known for its excellent coaching and guidance. If we talk about results, then every year Knowledge Nation Law Center gives very good results in various judiciary examinations, which also includes PCS J.

PCS J Coaching Fees: 45000 (Approx.)

Ambition Law Institute, Delhi

Ambition Law Institute Delhi is one of the best law institutes in the country today where coaching for various law examinations is provided. For any student who wants to prepare for PCS J, Ambition Law Institute is a better option which has been giving very good results in law-related examinations for many years. Ambition Law Institute is known for its quality in studies.

PCS J Coaching Fees: 60000 (Approx.)

PCS J Syllabus

If you are thinking of appearing in the PCS J exam then it is normal that you will also need to know about its syllabus. So if you do not know about the syllabus of the PCS exam, then let us tell you that the syllabus of both the stages of PCS J exam i.e. Pre and Mains is different, the information about which is as follows:

PCS J Pre Syllabus

PCS J Pre Exam includes 2 subjects which are General Study and Law. The duration of both papers is 2 hours. The syllabus is as follows:

General Study:

Indian History, Indian Culture, Indian Geography, Indian Polity, Current Affairs and Developments, Indian and World Indian Economy, International Affairs and Institutions, Science and Technology, Communication and Astronomy


LAW-C.P.C, Cr.PC, Contract, Constitution, IPC, Transfer of Property ant, Jurisprudence, International Law, Org, Evidence act

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PCS J Mains Syllabus

After passing PCS J Pre, you get a chance to appear in the PCS J Mains examination. If we talk about the syllabus of the PCS J Mains exam, it is as follows:

General Knowledge:

India’s History and Culture, Indian Geography, Indian Politics, Current National Affairs, Social Subjects, India and world, Indian Economics, International Affairs and Institutions, Science and Technology


Essay in English, Precise (essence) writing in English, Translation from Hindi to English, Translation from English to Hindi

LAW – 1

(Fundamental Laws): Indian Contact Act, Indian Partnership Act, Indian Easement Act, Hindu Law, Law of Torts, Equity & Trust, Muslim Law, Transfer of Property Act, Indian Constitutional Law

LAW -2 (Procedure and Evidence):

Law of Pleadings, Decisions, Indian Evidence Act, Civil Procedure Code, Criminal Procedure Code etc

LAW -3 (Penal, Revenue and Local Laws):

State-related Local Laws.

When you pass both these PCS J exams, then you get a chance to appear in the interview. After passing this interview, you pass the PCS J exam.


PCS J exam is a very competitive exam for which most of the students take coaching to prepare for it. There are many candidates who want to prepare for the PCS exam but they do not have much knowledge about PCS J Coaching Fees due to which they are not able to prepare. This is the reason why we have prepared this article in which we have given complete information about PCS J Coaching Fees.

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